Ocho’s Torso | Dudoir Photography

I tell clients all the time that you don’t need eight-pack abs to be sexy and confident.  And that’s absolutely true.  My photography, my posing, my techniques are designed to bring out the unique sexiness in each of my clients.

But just because someone like Ocho works insanely hard – I’m not going to ignore him – or his abs…  His fucking crazy abs…

Just promise me you won’t get a complex looking at them.  We’re all sexy and beautiful.

Ocho Mar25 131 male nude photography dudoir

Ocho’s jeans | Hot Ass Monday | Male Boudoir Photography

It’s Labor Day.  And over the weekend, we in Minnesota were reminded that it’s the end of summer.  Today’s gorgeous – but there were some chilly moments over the weekend.

I don’t mind particularly – fall is my favorite season.

And since I do most of my male boudoir photograph indoors, the seasons don’t affect my sessions.

athletic hunk is lowering his jeans - and he isn't wearing underwear

Ocho: Male Boudoir Photography by Marlen Boro

If you’re curious what Ocho looks like from the front, please click here.