Oliver | Hump Day Cock Shot | Male Nude Photography

Long day!  And it’s not over.  Folks in LA do drive a lot!

I keep quoting Clueless, “Everywhere in LA is 20 minutes.”  My patient tourguide/chauffeur/friend responds with that look which very clearly means, “That wasn’t funny the first time…”

Luckily I’ve banked some points by stocking my iPhone with a killer driving playlist.

Joshua Tree tonight!

Oliver Jan8-13 674 male nude photography dudoir

Oliver | Hot Ass Monday | Male Nude Photography

Heading to LA tomorrow and I’m there for the remainder of the week.  My amazing client (and friend) is giving me a grand tour of the city – modern art and amazing views at the Getty – lunch at Malibu – Indian food at Silverlake – the sights (including the Hollywood sign) at night.  Wednesday we’re off to Joshua Tree for some sure-to-be-stunning photography.

Needless to say…  I’m fucking psyched!Oliver Jan8-13 553 male nude photography dudoir Oliver Jan8-13 561 male nude photography dudoir

Justice (my squidhat sidekick) is giving Oliver head | Male Nude Photography

My trusty sidekick/squidhat, Justice, has been begging me to shoot with him again.  Such a wonderful day we spent at the Minnesota State Fair… and Justice was confident that when called upon, he could totally smize.

As you know, Oliver is game for anything and everything.  This was the first time he’d gotten head from a squidhat.  You can see in his subtle smirk that it was pretty awesome.

Joe gets blowed (Ollie plays the part of the hoover) | Male Nude Photography

My friend Cary was complaining yesterday that he hasn’t seen an image of Oliver this week.  And I do try to keep folks happy…  ;)

But lest Oliver get toooo much attention, today’s images are primarily focused on Joe.  Today, Joe “gets blowed”.  A little less subtle than yesterday’s images.  Actually, alot less subtle.

I’m always a bit hesitant to publicly share these explicit images.  Many clients request them, so they play an important role of my portfolio.  And I’m always happily surprised by the reception.

I strive to capture moments of great beauty and authenticity – it’s one of my guiding principles – and these images of men together are certainly authentic.  As you know, I think men’s bodies are beautiful – in all the stages of undress – and in all the stages of sexual arousal.  I hope you enjoy these moments.

I’ve put together a slideshow for Team Boro.  Much more intimate.  Much more explicit.  If you’re interested in joining Team Boro, please click here —>  CLICK HERE