Some days call for a dose of Quinn Danger… | Hot Ass Monday | Male Nude Photography

I’m feeling distracted lately.  I realize it’s a distracting job, sifting through all these stunning images.  But there are days, especially lately, where I feel even more distracted than usual.

Part of it is that I’m heading back to New York this week.  I leave Wednesday morning and will be there for the rest of the week.

I had hoped to be back in March, but it’s probably for the best – I’m hoping to have a day just to wander.

Of course I’ll also be photographing some really sexy men.

The Calhoun Art Crawl

Tomorrow’s the big day – I’ve made a bunch of prints – the presentation scheme has been finalized – cookies are baking.

I’m stupidly nervous.  I’ve never shown my work like this before – I meet clients for coffee or via Skype – never just because they wander in the door…  If you’re in the Twin Cities area tomorrow, please stop by!

Noon – 5pm.  711 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408  (there’s non-metered parking on 31st street)

Here’s the poster I made to ensure that Lutheran biddies don’t get offended.  ;)

Male Boudoir Photography | 2012 Model Contest – check out the first batch of contestants!

We’re still accepting entries until Dec 15, but here’s your first glimpse at the guys so far -

<<  click here for the Wild Card gallery  >>

The guy whose photo gets the most “likes” will automatically make it to the final voting – so feel free to express your opinion by liking any of the guys you’d like to see more of…

Male Nude Photography | Hot Ass Monday: A dose of Danger

Sadly, Quinn Danger is still unavailable for new male boudoir shoots.

Happily, there’s such a great quantity of images from our previous shoots.

Here, for example, a three new images of his most amazing assssset.  (one of the images even captures his sly smile)

Quinn Danger: Male Boudoir by Marlen Boro

Quinn Danger: Male Boudoir Photography by Marlen Boro

Quinn Danger: Male Boudoir Photography by Marlen Boro

Male Boudoir Photography | A Perfect Day

I’ve been a little down the last few days – partly due to the insane weather we’ve had in Minneapolis.  Combined with some last minute cancellations.  Dread over how quickly the summer is going.

Today was the turnaround I needed – a perfect day.

An amazing new client/new friend – a day of wonderful photography always makes me happy.  But also, Mr. UPS dropped off my new albums – they are cooler than I’d hoped for!  And also, an issue that’s been stressing me out – resolved.

And tomorrow is my anniversary with Cory.

Marlen Boro male adult nude portrait sexy boudoir

Quinn Danger: Male Boudoir by Marlen Boro

Oh it’s such a perfect day – I’m glad I spent it with you – oh such a perfect day – you just keep me hanging on.  You just keep me hanging on.

This shot of Quinn Danger captures my mood – content and sexy – happy to be alive – inspired by music.

(hint:  click either of the links to take a listen to the BBC’s awesome compilation of Lou Reed’s classic)





Male Nude Photography | Favorite Things #7: Butts, especially Quinn’s


Obviously there’s so much to love about men’s behinds.  One of my favorite things is the “snag” that occurs when guys are pulling down their underwear.  Things tease initially until the underwear gets stuck on protruding cheeks of muscle – and then pop! they fall down quickly.

I LOVE this shot of Quinn Danger.  Again from a male boudoir perspective, I think it works well – it’s explicit, but still evokes the tease.  The light here accentuates Quinn’s amazing body – let’s list them:

1.  There’s light on the left side of Quinn’s butt cheek, showing you just how perky it really is.

2.  There are light shadows in the “butt dimples” just above each cheek.

3.  The light traveling across the triceps shows each muscle.

4.  Light bounces of the prominent vein in his forearm.

5.  Finally, there the light that illuminates Quinn’s buttcrack – forming this perfect arrow of light.

And that arrow is the tease.  Making you wish you could see more…

Boudoir Photography | Quinn Danger

My good friend Heidi and her son flew to Florida yesterday – they left at 3pm and were supposed to arrive around 11pm.  Storms in Atlanta caused countless delays so Heidi didn’t arrive until nearly 4am – at which time, of course, their ride was asleep and not answering the phone.

They checked into a hotel for a few hours – evidently the delicious guy at the checkin gave Heidi a bit of a deal.  Unfortunately it was $20 off, rather than an hour with him!

Male Nude Photography | Slideshow: Shall I compare thee to Quinn Danger’s ass?

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Quinn Danger is showing off his stunning ass