Patience is a virtue | Male Boudoir Photography

When running through final testing, it was clear that the blog layout needed some serious tweaking in order to make it work properly on mobile devices.  What’s worth doing is worth doing right.  So the site will launch soon.  When it’s ready.  I’m disappointed.  But I’m hugely grateful for Mr. P’s willingness to recode the page so that things work well in the long term.

Today’s image already has a sordid history.  Somehow a really tacky porn site found it, stole it, and used it as a teaser for 30+ minute video…  So both Maxx and Oliver have had to repeatedly explain to folks here in Minneapolis that no, they didn’t star in a porn video.  The tacky porn site took it down this afternoon.

Male Portrait Photography | Oliver channels something rural

Trust me, the boys were not this hot in North Dakota.

As part of the “Reclaiming Flannel” shoot with Oliver and Maxx, we also took some time from the extreme sexiness to do portraits of each of the guys.  You’ll see some sexier shots of Oliver next week – but I find this portrait so captivating.

Dueling banjos never sounded so appealing…Oliver is shirtless and rocking the trucker hat

Male Boudoir Photography | A window to Maxx’s back

One of my favorite things during photoshoots (and please keep in mind that there are several hundred things I like about photoshoots) is noticing something unexpected.

In the midst of the spicy action that was going on between Ollie and Maxx, I noticed Maxx’s new tattoo.  Which features that eye.  Peeking through his tshirt.

Maxx's new tattoo, as seen through his tshirt

Male Boudoir Photography | Ollie and Maxx

A little less serious today.  But just as sexy…  Maxx and Oliver had such amazing chemistry.  Goofing around – laughing – sucking on each other – doing the “couture” pose.  This was one of the less formal moments from that day.

In other news, back to Minneapolis tomorrow!  NYC has been really fun and I’ve had such amazing shoots with some amazing clients – but I’m missing Minnesota…

Maxx and Oliver being a-dor-able

Male Boudoir Photography | Six Forms of Thanks

1.  Thanks to all of you who’ve visited – or commented – or sent me an encouraging email – or sent a donation.  :)

2.  Thank you to all of the wonderful men who posed for me in 2011.  :)

3.  Thanks to Johnny Murdoc and Tye Briggs for amazing collaborations.  :)

4.  Thanks to the wonderful men who’ve hired me to do their photos – it’s an honor to witness as you rediscover confidence and sexiness.  :)

5.  Thanks to Executive Vice President for Operations Margaret Schmoo for giving me an “Exceeds Expectations” evaluation this year.  :)

6.  And thanks most of all to Cory – for his ceaseless encouragement and continued willingness to join me on this crazy journey.  :)

Exciting things will happen in 2012! Oliver and Maxx are getting intimate - Oliver's huge erection is slightlyl in the way.