Male Boudoir Photography | Green Shorts… Sean Patrick Davey

Last week I finally had a chance to catch up with the Red Baron, Sean Patrick Davey.  He’s busier than anybody else I know – working on multimedia projects, his modeling, his very demanding full-time job, and he still wants to set up a non-profit foundation to honor his father’s memory.

He’s pretty awesome.

Sean has also been really busy shooting with lots of amazing photographers – just not me.

So we’re hoping to change that soon.  Hopefully next weekend.

Male Boudoir Photography | Sean is multi-talented…

In addition to being drop-dead gorgeous and having abs of abs of abs… Sean Patrick Davey dabbles in professional wrestling!

Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that.  I’m not going to tell you his stage name – no need to chance having his matches packed with fans yelling “Take off your clothes, Sean!!”  Not the sort of encouragement he needs in the ring.

intimate male nude adult portrait by boudoir photographer Marlen Boro

Sean Patrick Davey: Male Boudoir by Marlen Boro

Male Boudoir Photography | Sean Patrick Davey – a boudoir portrait

For those of you in locations that celebrated Pride last weekend, I hope you’ve had a pleasant recovery day!

I’ve been revisiting old photoshoots.  This is an image from one of Sean Patrick Davey – one of earliest shoots.

I love the intimacy here.  A wonderful boudoir portrait – there’s a touch of skin – and the inclusion of his nipple adds a hint of sexuality – but overall, there’s a feeling of honesty and contemplation in his face.

Male Nude Photography | Favorite Things #1: Sean Patrick Davey’s Tan lines

Happy Pride Monday!  This time next week, most folks will be really hung over – and some will really regret not taking the day off.

So this week I’m going through some of my favorite things.  Like Oprah.  But sexier.

Today is tan lines – courtesy of Sean Patrick Davey’s backside.

I know that some folks hate tan lines.  I assume it’s because it’s distracting?  Or because it shows that these men don’t do nude sunbathing?

Those are both reasons why I love tan lines.  Tan lines tell a story.

They show that these men don’t prance around in the nude all the time – for these men, this revelation is special. Sean Patrick Davey, for example, this was the first time he’d allowed his stunning butt to be photographed.

And yes, I also appreciate the distraction – those lines call to you – the grab your attention and make you stare.  

Boudoir Photography | Sean Patrick Davey sports a bathrobe

This shot of Sean Patrick Davey is a favorite example of sensual, but classy male boudoir photography.  The confident look in his face, the bit of tease in the open bathrobe.

Depending on the guy, I adjust the composition accordingly.  Sean eventually decided that he was comfortable showing his butt in photos – and that’s where he’s drawn the line on nudity (for shots of his stunning butt —> HERE).

So this photo could have been turned into a short series – is there underwear beneath the robe?  Or nothing?  Would the expression become more playful and naughty?  Or tease you with hopes left unfulfilled?

And those are the discussions that we have while planning for a shoot.

Male Nude Photography | Slideshow: Sean Patrick Davey

It gives me great pleasure to finally, officially introduce you to Sean Patrick Davey.

Sean is stunning.  And funny.  An all-around nice guy.  And an immensely hard worker – bodies like his don’t happen accidentally, nor do they happen in 90 days.

Sean’s recently signed with Silver Model Management in NYC and some local Minneapolis agencies.  So we’ll definitely see more of him!

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Sean Patrick Davey is wearing only a pair of skimpy shorts