Male Boudoir Photography | Have a holly jolly Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve boys and girls!  Skip Bannacheck has offered to help spread Christmas cheer!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the slightly less formal moments this past week.  I LOVE being able to be a bit more goofy – maybe combining sex and religion – makes me feel like Madonna.  ;)  There’s a chance that I’ll tinker with erotic stigmata shots in 2012, but for the time being, I just love having hot guys put on a bit of playful clothing and celebrate joy.  Have fun and be safe!

Check back tomorrow for the upwrapping.  ;)shirtless Skip is wearing a cute Santa capSkip flexes in his Santa boxersSkip has his hands down his Santa boxer shortsSkip is fondling himself in his Santa boxer shortsSkip is touching himself in his Santa boxer shortsSkip shows you the outline of his erection in his Santa boxers

Male Nude Photography | Hot Ass Monday: You could bounce a quarter off of Skip’s cheeks…

A last image of Skip Bannacheck – you’ll see him again – but it’s time to feature some of the other fine gentlemen I’ve been working with.Every so often it’s fun to show a clothed set of cheeks – especially when the clothing is so tight.  And what I love about this image is the way the lines in his singlet accentuate his pertness…  ;)
Tight butt in a wrestling singlet

Male Boudoir Photography | Skip Strips, pt 2

They say that if you’re nervous doing public speaking, that you should picture the audience in their underwear.  That never worked for me because there’s inevitably one really hot guy sitting out there – and picturing him in his underwear…But I do think it’s fun sometimes to image people in something more interesting than tighty-whities…Let’s see what Skip Bannacheck is hiding…Skip's shirt and pants are undone, revealing a tight blue wrestling singlet.A gold chain goes nicely with the singlet.The dress shirt obscured Skip's muscular arms.The tight singlet also reveals Skip's erect penisCloseup of the Skip's necklace