Ave Joe | Gay Leather Photography

Last weekend I did a male boudoir shoot for my friend Ave Joe – he has such varied interests – and a leather wardrobe to kill for…  And as part of the day, his friend and bondage mentor came by to help out with the ropework…  He said it was ok to share a few of them with y’all.

Tomorrow night is the main competition and sashing of Mr. TCL – and Joe is one of the contestants.  And since I don’t know any of the other contestants (I’ve heard from trusted sources that they’re all outstanding people) I can enthusiastically root for Joe.  I’ll be there tomorrow night with fingers crossed!

gay leather photographygay leather and fetish photography by Marlen Borogay leather and fetish photography by Marlen Boromale fetish photography by Marlen Boro





Male Nude Photography | Hot Ass Monday: The Kidd

You’ve seen The Kidd’s amazing ass in the Twin Cities Leather images I’ve posted so far – but this week, in honor of the actual TCL events, we’ll be seeing more of him.

I’ve teased him so far that it’s the ass that launched a thousand ships.  It’s more breathtaking in person – hopefully I’ve done him justice.

Hot nude male, The Kidd is showing off his stunning ass.

Male Nude Photography | It’s time for Leather Celebrations!

I’ve made a few mentions of the upcoming Twin Cities Leather (TCL) events.  And a few weeks ago we shot for the poster.  Hopefully you’ve already seen the poster on Facebook, in area watering holes.

Here’s my favorite version of the shot:

(you’ll be seeing more of “The Kidd” and his amazing ass…)